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Competition Rules


League shield

  1. Each match consists of 2 games played on the 3-move restriction openings. Two points are awarded for a game won and one for a game drawn.
  2. If two or more players finish the season on equal points they will be separated on the basis of :
    a) results of matches against one another, or
    b) weighted honour points.
  3. If a player is unable to play on the scheduled date he must inform his opponent in advance and arrange an alternative date. The match must be decided before the following month's meeting.
  4. Adequate playing time should be allowed for completion of both games in a single session. If one player insists on playing the second game then his opponent must agree or forfeit the game.
  5. Matches played at the club venue will start no later than 2 p.m. unless otherwise agreed. If a player arrives 50 minutes late he forfeits one game, and if one hour late he forfeits both games.
  6. Players must agree to play on the clock if requested to do so by their opponents or by the committee.
  7. Players are admitted to the league on the understanding that they will endeavour to complete all fixtures within the league season, i.e. before the December AGM. If anyone does withdraw then the current rules of the association will be applied.
  8. Unresolved disputes or other matters arising should be referred to the committee.


Warwickshire Cup

  1. This is a knockout competition, with 2 games per round except in the final, which will comprise 4 games.
  2. Games will be played on the 3-move openings unless agreed otherwise.
  3. If the score is level after the allotted number of games, then further blocks of 2 games must be played until a decision is reached.
  4. There will be a free draw for each round except the preliminary round, where seeding will be applied. The player in each pairing whose name is drawn first will be notified by the secretary, and that player must contact his opponent within a week to arrange a playing venue and date.
  5. All matches must be completed and the secretary informed of the results before the date quoted for the next draw.
  6. No date is set for the final, but the match should if possible be played before the AGM.
  7. In case of dispute, players should contact the committee so that the matter may be resolved as quickly as possible.


Birmingham Cup

  1. This is held as a one-day Go-As-You-Please event, run on the Swiss System or as an all-play all, depending on the number of entries. There are normally 6 rounds.
  2. The entrants vote on the day whether clocks will be used for every game or none.
  3. Each entrant plays one game per round against his opponent, colours being drawn at random.
  4. Two points are awarded per game won and one point per game drawn.
  5. If there is an odd number of entries, a bye will be given to a low-placed player in each round.
  6. The first round is made by free draw, but in subsequent rounds players on equal or similar points will play against one another.
  7. If possible, no players will meet more than once.
  8. The player finishing with the highest points is the winner. If two or more players finish level then tie-splitting will be as directed in the EDA Handbook.
  9. The tournament controller will decide the exact time limit allowed in each round - normally about 30 minutes per player.
  10. The result of each game is to be decided by the players themselves, i.e. there is no adjudication.
  11. The controller's decision on all matters is final.


League shield

  1. The championship is played over a series of 10 games between the holder and a qualified challenger approved by the committee.
  2. The challenger would normally be the reigning league champion or runner-up, though other grounds for qualification may also be considered.
  3. The series must be played over a period of no more than 4 months, the games being arranged on dates agreeable to both contestants.
  4. If challenged to do so, the holder must be prepared to start the defence of his title after a minimum of 8 months from completion of the previous series.
  5. In the event of a drawn series the holder retains the title.

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